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Leadership in troubled water

Blue sea

When the sea is rough

Is there a difference in guiding people in stormy periods compared with these phases when the sea is smooth, and the sun is shining? Dr. Bodo Antonic says yes and proves this based on the stages of life of a company. From these he derived his principles of successful leadership.

These principles, consistently applied by executives in calm business phases, support the company ship not to get troubled water. It is important to anticipate the future, and to convert enterprises into fluid corporate structures and avert the crisis before it can emerge.

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In his keynote he shows how managers

  • lead effectively when the company ship is in troubled water
  • focus on the essentials with clarity and focus
  • lead proactively, so that crises can be prevented

Bodo Antonic keynote speed is about the importance of clarity, transparency and appreciation for the role as a leader and life as a helmsman – on sea or at the helm of a company. He shows you his principles of leadership and will make you understand his understanding of
leadership as a deeply context-embedded process.

Let yourself be invited to a thought journey, set sail together with him. Your profit is a changed, understanding of the company situation, a more precise understanding of leadership and thus increasing your impact and momentum in the company.

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