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The unleashed organisation

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Break your thought-prison

Why are not we equipped with the creativity we would like to have, why can we succeed only incremental innovation? These are key issues in today’s businesses, employing hordes of innovation managers and keeping management in suspense. Driven by the consumer, companies are falling into a tetany or a diarrhea of micro-incremental innovation.

This predominant lack of ideas in companies expression of a mental “corset”, says Bodo Antonic. Squeezed into a set of rules of procedures and behavior that take our breath away, we demand conformity from our employees and, at the same time, intellectual summit attempt.

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Therefore, Bodo Antonic talks about these rules of the game and dogmas, reveals solutions that create a mental easiness in enterprises.

In his keynote he shows how managers

  • be able to quickly free themselves from their own thought-prison
  • be able to break the chains of thought-prison of the employees
  • detect and eliminate superfluous game rules
  • discard ballast

His approach: Unleashing creativity by deconstructing the rules of rules of procedures and behavior. We need rules that support and not hinder us; rules that are relevant to employees and customers and whose number is based on the minimum necessary. The credo “Enjoy your freedom et work” generates unleashed creativity.

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