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The breathless manager

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Cool instead being stressed

The schedule is full, the decisions are shaken from the sleeve, the own importance is beyond question. But this head and breathlessness is highly dangerous: for the manager as well as for the company. How do managers have to change their view of themselves, the world and their job in order to regain their power and impact?

Under water, breathlessness is a highly dangerous borderline situation. She can kill. The causes are poor planning or sudden changes in conditions. These include, for example, unexpected currents, medical emergencies or stress and panic attacks.

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Underwater, these are often due to human error, poor training condition and a simply not designed for fault-tolerance planning culture. This is no less true for companies.

The keynote shows you on the basis of personnel experiences and situations which formed me as a manager and diver, how not to get out of breath – despite of pressure and stress – and how to keep your company on course.

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Stressed businessman

Managing under pressure

Key Note Topic lessons from a rescue diver and interim manager As an interim manager, Bodo Antonic works under extreme conditions: he is short-termed charged

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Bodo Antonic

Business Continuity Management

“Crisis is rarely a black swan, but mostly as a result of a lack of consistency.”

For Bodo Antonic, trusted adviser for entrepreneurs and senior and middle management executives, the persistence and safety of the company are everything. Risk management processes, as they are anchored in some companies, do not go far enough for him even with the best will in the world. Due to a lack of experience in dealing with crises, possible risks are continuously underestimated.

Bodo Antonic

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Bodo Antonic loves change – and his keynote speeches are effective tools when it comes to change situations. His keynotes use force and momentum to set the impulses which are necessary for a transformation. Keynotes get your thinking going and shake up your beliefs and routines.

His activity as a keynote speaker rests on two pillars. On the one hand, he is relying on his experience as an interim manager, who has to initiate the turn for the better under pressure of time and resources in unknown territories. On the other hand, he benefits from his techniques and experiences as a rescue diver, who taught him to survive under pressure.