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Managing under pressure

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lessons from a rescue diver and interim manager

As an interim manager, Bodo Antonic works under extreme conditions: he is short-termed charged when the house is burning and the office buzzing. Always under tense, unknown conditions – and only for a limited time. A mix of requirements that he knows from his diving operations in unknown waters and vital mission.

From this double experience, Bodo Antonic has gained a unique view of what it means to act under pressure.

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In his keynote he shows how managers

  • quickly get an idea of complex mixed situations
  • perceive diffuse signals and interpret them correctly
  • decide safely and courageously even under uncertainty
  • communicate efficiently and effectively
  • channel force and energy correctly and how to focus on the right thing

Bodo Antonic uses practical examples to illustrate what leads to success in management under pressure and uncertainty and what does not.

It guarantees aha effects on the question of why we run out of breath in business and in management more and more and what to do about it.

Dr. Antonic shares practical tips how managers can gain more impact and momentum in their demanding everyday business routine.

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