Lumber room – broom closet?


I still remember well when I moved into my first larg apartment after completing my master and doctoral studies. It should be large, with two toilets and a broom closet. Finally put the vacuum cleaner away somewhere and put it away properly, so was the bourgeois dream.

I was quickly allowed to watch the entropy in their work. The broom closet had become a lumber room. Quickly just put this or everything down, put it away, … and the broom closet was as full and confusing as the cellar was already.

Something similar can be observed in professional life. On the desk there is a pile of filing, the print media that one has always wanted to read and one or the other, unanswered letter may also be there. Not to mention the email inbox.

This brings us to a key management question: What is important, what can be removed? How do I become master of all the superfluous things, actions, meetings and the overflowing process world?

My answer is “systematic garbage collection”. If I want to lead the company ship properly and successfully across the pond, I have to keep an eye on the deviation from course, time remaining to the destination, distance covered and fuel consumption. Vulgo: efficiency and effectiveness. But I also have to keep my “economical tanker” seaworthy – and that includes securely mooring loose goods and throwing unnecessary trinkets and ballast overboard.

The unpopular “taking out garbage” is thus given a new evaluation and meaning.

What is your daily spring cleaning routine like?


Bodo Antonic

Bodo Antonic is a manager with heart and soul. He is also happy to help when time is short, the air is thin and the situation is delicate.   Wherever he is called: His aim is to bring about positive changes and lasting success with force and effect.

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