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Bodo Antonic

Bodo Antonic grew up as a German-Austrian-Croatian Persian and in a plurality of cultures. Versed in changing the perspective, he throws a professional and private view of cultural rules of the game, norms and dogmas. From the beginning of his life, he was instructed to preserve his childish curiosity and to scrutinize things consistently but appreciatively. “Be passionate in your curiosity, burn for the new, but be Prussian-disciplined in thinking,” was the mantra of his mother. Today, he likes to take a look behind the economic horizon and the boundaries of company-internal culture and language. Where simple truths and unquestioned gray theories fail, he likes to be and move.


His education (chemistry, physics, medicine and business administration) culminated in a chemical doctorate. After years of management in the Pharmaceutical and MedTec industry, he founded his consulting company, with which he has been advising and supporting the industry since 2001 as a specialist in sales and management in crisis.

Free spirit and curiosity

Bodo Antonic bothers with boundaries, likes to look beyond his own horizon. Dogmas and rules, no matter how well-founded, constrain him. He checks them regularly, driven by the search for the "right question", "the one question you need to ask". Any question is permitted if it is appreciative and purposeful. Questions generate agility, innovation and therefore vitality

Caves and offshore sailing

As a passionate cave diver and blue-water sailor, he is fascinated by the discovery of the unexpected, the discovery of the small on a large scale and the dawn of uncertainty. It must be far and wide open. to be able to breathe. "Only the free horizon gives us the breath that our human spirit needs," says Bodo Antonic.

When the going gets tough

Bodo Antonic is a rough water sailor and firefighter in one. Many years as an interim manager on the road, he is always called when the company was at the burning, the power of innovation faltered, or products became commodity. The situations were usually confusing and tricky. His job to be done: Win employees for the new, make them become enthusiastic!

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