Resilience has never been more important than now


Resilience – when and how crises strengthen us

The world of new management is full of eloquent terms and well-intentioned advice. Which of these works in the daily life of an interim and turnaround manager? Bodo Antonic has the answers. This time: “Resilience”.

Resilience has never been more important than now

You got to know me in this column as someone who likes to fight hard with managers, employees and fashions. And so now you are probably afraid that I will break the trend term “resilience” and everything we discuss under this catchphrase into my Dalmatian furor. But far from it!

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Bodo Antonic

Bodo Antonic is a manager with heart and soul. He is also happy to help when time is short, the air is thin and the situation is delicate.   Wherever he is called: His aim is to bring about positive changes and lasting success with force and effect.

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